NARUTO 586: Pawns

Sasuke: !! Itachi!

Kabuto strikes! What of Izanami?

Kabuto: You called me a failure yet here you lay at the bottom of my feet.
Sasuke: Damn you..
Sasuke: !?
Sasuke collapses
Sasuke: What...this feeling..
Kabuto: The neurotoxins inside Orochimarus true form, I cut them as I slithered through it.
Sasuke: Shit....can't move....
Kabuto: Now...for Itachi.
Itachi: You called me a failure...
Kabuto: ?
Itachi: Yet you didn't notice me activate Izanami the moment before you struck me.
Kabuto: Then show me this "Izanami" of yours.
Itachi: I have already shown it to you.
Kabuto: What are you saying...
Itachi: You said it yourself, your pawns are part of your power.
Kabuto: !?
Itachi: That's right, your fate is sealed, what is happening now is just the beginning.
Kabuto quickly rushes towards his edo tensei board.
Kabuto: N-no...impossible!

Scene switches to the kages.
Madara: !!
Madara: What's this? It seems Kabuto's chakra has been terminated. I can move freely now.
Muu comes to a halt.
Muu: head..
Temari: He stopped moving! Now's our chance!
Dodai: Seal him!
Muu: Hold on.
Dodai/Temari/Genma and the others: ?
Muu: I have control of my body for some odd reason. While I was controlled I could see everything but couldn't react. I'd let you seal me but I think you need my help.
Temari: Seriously? Forget it!
Dodai: no..he's right, we need all the power we can get.
Muu: I need you to do something for me.
Scene back to the kages
The kages are beaten up pretty badly and are in a circle with their backs to each other.
A: We can't keep this up....
Tsunade: We have to...
Gaara: !?
Mei: What is it kazekage?
Gaara: My seals have been opened!
Scene switch to Madara who turns and notices something
Madara: !
Madara is hit by the third Raikages punch
A: !? Dad?
Madara is sent flying
Madara: What the hell is this?
Madara: !?
Madara blocks the blade of Joki boy. he tries to absorb it with his hand.
Madara: urgh it's hot...
Second Mizukage: Boom.
Joki boy explodes and sens Madara flying who starts cracking up.
Madara: Are these the previous kages? Has Kabuto turned on me?
Madara: !? What i can't...
Fourth Kazekage: Your metal platting has been surrounded by my gold dust, you won't be able to move.
Third Raikage grabs Madara in a full nelson.
Third Raikage: Do it Tsuchikage!
Muu floating above
Muu: Jinton Genkai Hakuri no jutsu!
Madara: !!
The pawns have turned! Has Madara's luck ran out?

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