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1. Bleach RPG: The Hollow Strife [PC game]Download | 49 MB

Bleach is a chain of about Ichigo Kurosaki, he was a high school student with the ability to see spirits and a shinigami (death god) named Rukia Kuchiki, Ichigo came across while hunting an evil spirit called is hollow (evil)
* Multiple Hit Techniques
* Double, Triple, and Quad Techniques
* Level up stats in battle for performing actions
* Combo hit counter + voices
* Battler voices for each character
* Command Button Input
* Stamina controlled items/techniques
* Active mode and three wait modes
* Stamina controlled items/techniques
* Movie Player
* Random Pitch for System Sound Effects
* Transform Ichigo and Ikkaku to there Bankai forms

Ichigo, Rukia, Sado, Ikkaku, Kenpachi, Hitsugaya, Byakuya


System Requirement:
System: Pentium-200 or equivalent
Video Memory: 8 MB VRAM
Mouse: Yes
Sound Board: Yes

Default Controls:
Shift Key = A Button
Z Key = C Button
X Key = B Button
A Key = X Button
S Key = Y Button
D Key = Z Button
Q Key = L Button
W Key = R Button
L + R = Run (In Battle)
A = Dash (On Map)

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2. Bleach M.U.G.E.N 2010 | 684 MB

The game is made for Bleach game with new characters, equipment and other gadgets that will surely love the fans and the anime Bleach Mugen. According to the game itself I can say that although the drawing and not by 5 but all the techniques of characters made realestichno and exactly what they they were in control of the game quickly and easily mastered.
System requirements:
Operating system Microsoft ® Windows ® XP or VISTA
- Processor with 1 GHz
- Memory: 256 MB
- Video Class Video Card GeForce FX / ATI
- Free disk space 2 giga
- Sound DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
- CD-ROM DVD-ROM drive
- Office Keyboard


qwe - strikes
asd - strikes
zxc - strikes
Walk on the arrow combo and the combination of attacks carried out promptness different keys (each character is different).

1.Unrar game
2.In a folder and run the file Bleach MUGENexe

Klik here to download :

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