Nirgge Parduoc

Nirgge Parduoc (ニルゲ・パルドゥック, Niruge Parudukku) is the 27th Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army and one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's six Fracción.
 He has quite a large body, and he easily has the largest body in weight among Baraggan's Fracción (whereas Choe Neng Poww has the largest body in terms of actual size). His Hollow mask consists of a thick helmet with short tusks protruding from the sides. He has wavy, short blond hair and four short squiggly lines descending from each of his dark red eyes. He also has a jagged, chipped tooth protruding from the lower left side of his mouth.
Nirgge is boastful, short-sighted, and demeaning. During his fight with Marechiyo Ōmaeda, he insults Ōmaeda's weight despite being of similar girth himself. Like his fellow Fracción, he holds his master, Baraggan, in high regard and refers to him as "his majesty". He is also somewhat lecherous, telling Ōmaeda he preferred fighting Rangiku Matsumoto instead of him. Despite this, he is somewhat patient. He is quite bored in the fight with Ōmaeda, and waits until he has tired himself out by trying to cut through his Hierro before doing anything.

(巨象兵 (マムート), Mamūto; Spanish for "Mammoth", Japanese for "Giant Elephant Soldier"): an average katana with a silver oval-like guard with a light-green handle.
"Mamut" released
It is released by the command "Trample" (踏み潰せ, fumitsubuse; Stomp down in the English dub). When calling out the release command, Nirgge transforms into a form resembling a humanoid woolly mammoth. In this form, his body is covered in green fur, with the tusks of his hollow mask enlarging to become somewhat reminiscent of an actual mammoth's tusks. He gains a large grey trunk from the center forehead of what's left of the cap that is his hollow mask.

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