Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio

Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio (ドルドーニ・アレッサンドロ・デル・ソカッチオ, Dorudōni Aressandoro Deru Sokacchio), sometimes romanized as Dordonii, is Arrancar cientecimo tercero (103rd) in Sōsuke Aizen's army.
Dordoni's face resembles a stereotypical portrayal of the Devil. He has black hair and blue eyes. His hair resembles a pair of "horns" and he has a van-dyke beard and mustache. The remains of his hollow mask consist of a small plate on his forehead that has horns mirroring those in his hair. Dordoni's Arrancar outfit is customized to fit his eclectic personality, with fringes on the forearm portion of the sleeves, a poofy red sash tied at his waist, shoulder pads, and openings down the front which reveal his black undershirt.
In terms of personality, compared with the other Arrancar, he has a more goofy personality, similar to Don Kanonji's. He is much more serious in battle, however. During his battle with Ichigo Kurosaki, he tries to goad him into using his Bankai, and later, his Hollow mask, using any means necessary, even as far as attacking Nel Tu, in hopes of earning his former position back by defeating Ichigo at full power. He notes that he is aware of Aizen's lack of real concern for the Espada, but desires to "stand at the top" again (which is similar to Aizen's own motivation for his actions).  Unlike other Arrancar, he notably refers to Aizen as "Aizen-dono" as opposed to "Aizen-sama" ("-dono" being less respectful than "-sama", but more respectful than "-san").   Dordoni has a tendency of referring those younger than him by the Spanish word that corresponds to them such as, calling Ichigo "Niño" (坊や(ニーニョ), nīnyo; Japanese and Spanish for "boy"), Nel "Bebé" (嬢ちゃん(ベベ), bebe; Japanese for "little girl", Spanish "baby") and the Exequias Leader as "Jovenzuelo" (小僧共(ホベンスエロ), Japanese and Spanish for "youngster").

Despite his strong desire to rise in power and glory, he is not without some honor. After his fight with Ichigo, he developed respect for Ichigo's abilities and discreetly made Ichigo leave in hopes of Ichigo becoming a true warrior and even willingly holds off Ichigo's pursuers. When commenting on Ichigo's code of honor and how he fights to protect others, he comments that Ichigo reminds him of the Holy Mother.

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