Choe Neng Poww

Choe Neng Poww (チーノン・ポウ, Chīnon Pō) is the 25th Arrancar in Sōsuke Aizen's army and one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's six Fracción.
Poww is an Arrancar with light green eyes and a dark brown hair. He is an extremely large Arrancar, being 391cm tall. His Hollow hole is not visible but his mask remnants consist of a large plate across his chin with two horn-like appendages. He also has two green triangle-like lines running through each of his cheeks that form inner circles. His hairstyle is that of a Medieval monk.

Poww wears the standard white Arrancar uniform, but it is customized to look like a Chinese garb with long sleeves that expose his very large hands. He wears a default hakama like all other Arrancar and his sandals are similar to Ggio Vega's, resembling traditional martial arts training shoes (in the anime, however, they appear as normal Arrancar sandals).

Despite his massive size, Poww displays a calm, contemplative, and serious personality and rarely speaks. However, he can be arrogant and overconfident, as evidenced when he defeated Ikkaku Madarame in battle, and laughing after Komamura threw him in his released form. He often insults his opponents' appearance, commenting on Ikkaku's baldness and Komamura's appearance in being an anthropomorphic canine. Like his fellow Fracción, he holds his master in high regard, calling him his "god" and praying to him before battle.

Its release command is Breathe (気吹け, ibuke). When releasing his Zanpakutō, Poww holds up his Zanpakutō horizontally and calls out its release command; The blade of his Zanpakutō glows, then it dissolves. During his release, Poww's whole body begins to swell rapidly as he balloons into a gigantic creature that is roughly the size of a Gillian-class Menos with a tear-shaped body and stature similar to that of an ape, further giving highlight to his size. His Hollow mask fragments disappear, which is replaced by a huge striped sac covering his chin and extending through his chest (resembling the inflatable throat of a baleen whale), while his arms and legs are covered with large black bands. His mouth becomes much larger, as evidenced when he begins to charge a Cero. This form appears to tire him out quickly due to his dense weight and is reluctant to use it unless Baraggan orders him to do so.

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