Abirama Redder

Abirama Redder (アビラマ・レッダー, Abirama Reddā) is the 22nd  Arrancar  in Sōsuke Aizen's army and one of Baraggan Louisenbairn's six Fracción.

Unlike other Arrancar, he does not wear a jacket, which exposes the numerous red tattoos across his chest. Instead he wears two sleeves on his wrists, hakama, a Breechcloth; all of which like other Arrancar's clothing are white, and a black sash around his waist. His overall appearance, mannerisms, and battle style are highly reminiscent to that of a Native American Brave's; releasing his Zanpakutō emphasizes this resemblance more clearly. He has long black hair and the remains of his Hollow mask takes the form of a beak like helmet atop his head. His Hollow hole is not visible and he has dark gold eyes.

He is extremely violent, impulsive, rude and impatient. Before engaging in battle he performs a "ritual" which consists of him screaming all the things he is going to do to his opponent, while demanding they do the same as a way to psyche each other out. He becomes quite annoyed if they don't do the same and he will angrily and, comically, scold them.  Like his fellow Fracción, he holds his master Baraggan in high regard and refers to him as "his majesty".  He has far less restraint than any other Arrancar seen so far, demonstrated when he released his Zanpakutō immediately, without launching even a single attack prior.

(空戦鷲 (アギラ), Agira; Spanish for "Eagle", Japanese for "Sky Battle Eagle"). Its sealed form is a standard-sized red katana with an oval-shaped guard with a protrusion on four sides.

Its release command is Scalp (頂を削れ, Itadaki o kezure; Scrape the summit in the English Dub). In his released form, he transforms into a humanoid bird, he has an white eagle's head (with the inside of his beak his mouth is visible) with black streaks running down it, his black hair extends to an extensive length. His body is covered in red feathers and his arms and feet become bird-like with sharp talons, as well as large bird-wings from his back, and his chest is left exposed and covered in various tattoo markings.

Info from :  http://bleach.wikia.com/

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