Yasochika Iemura

Yasochika Iemura (伊江村 八十千和, Iemura Yasochika) is the 3rd seated officer of the 4th Division, and the leader of the first relief team serving under Captain Retsu Unohana. He is also the Vice-President of the Shinigami Men's Association.
Iemura has swept back, blonde hair and wears glasses. He wears the standard Shinigami uniform, sometimes with the 4th Division medical kit.
Iemura is very vain, enjoys acting cool, and thinks he will look better without glasses. He was born on a leap day, February 29. His rank is quite high, but since he comes from the weakest division in terms of combat he has to call the other division's 3rd seats with a -sama suffix. He meticulously keeps a diary, which he sometimes defeats the purpose of by narrating what he's writing in it (particularly when lamenting something). He takes direct command of the Division like a general.
In order to increase his handsomeness, Iemura searched Soul Society for contact lenses, but was unable to find any. When he heard rumours of a renegade Shinigami selling contacts for Shinigami in the Human World, Iemura used his self proclaimed fame and handsomeness to get around the ban on 4th Division members going to the Human World in order to find the contact lenses seller. When the rogue Shinigami instead offered him laser surgery using tiny beams of Reishi, Iemura thought it sounded too good to be true. Upon seeing the machine that performed the surgery, and noticing the dark eye shadow on the Shinigami's face that resembled burn marks, he chickened out. Due to certain unspecified problems, he can no longer go to the Human World, leaving him wondering what would have happened if he had tried the surgery and if he would still be single.

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