DD WRS. This one is not mine though.

Came across this custom made DD (Dollfie Dream) WRS recently. Admittedly I have been looking for a seamstress to make such request to complement my BRS, but someone has beaten me to it. Surprisingly, the seamstress is actually someone I have come across before. We had a brief chat going through what will be included and what not, and she sent me these two photos for reference. The seamstress will make the costume, while I have to get the head, eyes, wig, body, and shoes myself.

There is no real timetable as for when I will finally get my hands of one, but it shall be something I will get myself to look forward to this year.

I know I have been obsessed by this character design before, and I am still intoxicated by it. It's funny how it makes me so, much to a few particular readers' disappointment (I know, I know). Oh well. But it does somehow drive me to look forward to something though.

For those who do not know who WRS is, she is a character who only appears in Black Rock Shooter THE GAME. Essentially a white version of Black Rock Shooter (but is a separate character), it is suggested that "White Rock Shooter" is the long name for WRS, though this is never mentioned in the game or even in game manual.

A side note: This particular WRS looks a little bit busty; should I ever get my hands on one too I will reduce it to a smaller one to get the image closer to the original design.


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