D-Arts Zero 2nd Version Announced

The long-waited deuteragonist of Rockman X / Mega Man X game series Zero is finally announced in Bandai's D-Arts line, and unlike the "1st version" released last year the 2nd version is the one that many fans are familiar with; one with the Z-Saber!

Images are from Tamashii Web's item page. According to the content list, there will be two Z-Sabers available, as well as an effect part and a Zero Buster for the right arm.

A sample was first displayed in Tamashii Nation 2011 back in November. Image is from Hobby Stock Blog.

Zero 2nd version will be released in May for 3500 Yen.

I am looking forward to it! It is a definite get for me~ ^^

Olympus PEN EP-2 keychain

Approximately half a year ago Olympus has been promoting its PEN series cameras in the form of supplementary key chains that comes with several Hong Kong magazines, i.e. bonus goodies.

I got myself a EP-2 one after hearing several local doll enthusiasts have bought one or two on twitter and forums. I haven't got a doll back then, but as I heard people talk about it here and there I thought I'd buy a magazine and see how it looks like. They were gone within less than half a day! @_@;

With all that said, let's see how this miniature camera keychain really fares as a magazine bonus goodie. :o

Front cover of the box with a tagline "It's Love; It's PEN".

There are several pages of models posing with the camera, as well as spec data of EP-2 and ELP-2 with a few info on the lenses compatible with the cameras.

All the stuff that come in the box - the main camera itself and two lenses

For something that is barely over 2cm long, the details are not too bad already. The bubble on the film representing the screen is a small eyesore, but otherwise it's not bad for a magazine supplement goodie.

Camera equipped with the shorter lens.

Camera equipped with the telescopic lens

With enough lighting and in the correct angle one can see an additional lens inside the telescopic lens, which is a nice touch on the details.

And the camera in the hands of my Black Rock Shooter doll. It seems to fit fairly well in terms of size, but I have a feeling that it is not in the same scale as the doll itself.

Let's give it to the girl and see how things go; she finally gets to have something to interact with.

Taking picture of a 1/72 scale Tiger II tank. Tried putting a 1/144 scale one but it appeared way too tiny, so a bigger toy is needed for a "demonstration" ^^;

Taking pictures of smaller toys. Here shown are HGUC 1/144 Ball, a dolphin keychain as a  gift from Singaporean dollfie hobbyist WinterKnight, and nendoroid nekomimi Shana

Let's show off your new camera then~

Hm.... The black body of the camera blends into the black gloves of BRS.

Maybe that's a tad better? But I can't get my camera to focus on both the face and the miniature camera itself...

Maybe I really need to get a better camera soon or later orz

And finally BRS posing with a gold Pentax k-r DSLR gashapon. It's a lot bigger, and at least the colour stands out a bit better this time.

That concludes my small review of the keychain. Although my Stylus 1030 SW has been serving me well for more than 3 years, it struggles to take good pictures of dolls. After doing this post, I am a little tempted to look more into this series of camera ^^;

Happy Chinese New Year

Image of Huang Lingyin from Infinite Stratos (IS) by Aoi Masami (蒼まさみ), via e-shuushuu

It's a bit late, but Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate it!

2012 is the Year of the Dragon, which is the only animal in Chinese Zodiac that is a legendary one; all others are real animals.

I've been taking a bit of a break for myself and catch up with some sleep. It's good to have a bit of a quiet moment to oneself now and then ^^

Let us hope that this year will be a good year for us and to our hobbies!



American Ninja Warrior 4 Announced

I didn't realize I haven't posted this year.. LOL Either way G4 announced the latest incarnation of American Ninja Warrior. For those counting this is ANW4 (or for those of us watching since the beginning ANC 8 :p). This year is completely different from all previous years. By far this is the biggest undertaking and for those who watch it in relation to Sasuke.. this is the most.. uhm.. interesting. Okay for starters it seems that G4 is finally listening to their fanbase and changed the format of the show. After placing 8th place in the overall television ratings last August on NBC, it's obvious someone got the gist that this is not working the way it was intended and totally changed the format. Boot Camp is GONE! YES!!! I hated boot camp with a complete and utter passion and I know a LOT of people who boycotted both Boot camp and the Finals on NBC in protest of how they tried to repackage Sasuke 27 into their own little playground. This year they can legitimately say it IS their own personal playground.

Here is the application for ANW4.

G4's American Ninja Warrior is returning! Think you have what it takes to beat the course? For the first time ever, G4 will hold 6 regional tryouts in 3 host cities. For a chance to compete on American Ninja Warrior you must fill out the form below and submit your video before the deadline!

Regional Tryout Locations:
LOS ANGELES, CA (Northwest and Southwest Region)
DALLAS, TX (Midwest and South-Central Region)
MIAMI, FL (Northeast and Southeast Region)

For the first time ever, this year's entire competition will take place on U.S. soil. Through G4's partnership with Japanese broadcaster, TBS, the ultimate obstacle course will come to Las Vegas, NV where the top 100 regional finalists will attempt to conquer all four stages and earn the coveted title of American Ninja Warrior and a $500,000 cash prize.

Please note, it is the Producers' sole discretion to determine which host city and region you are allowed to attend. (Please submit your video and form ASAP as submission deadlines are fast approaching.)

Submission Periods:
LOS ANGELES, CA (Northwest and Southwest Region is now Feb. 14th)
DALLAS, TX (Midwest and South-Central Region is now Feb. 27th)
MIAMI, FL (Northeast and Southeast Region is now March 8th)

  • REGIONALS: Finally they got it right!! People have been yelling for a looooooong time that for a country as large as the USA it should have a regional competition to help alleviate having always to fly to L.A. just for try outs. It also allows for a more varied group of people to participate and ultimately raise the amount of people being allowed to qualify for the following round. Still unsure how they are going to do 2 separate regional events at each of the 3 locations but hopefully this won't be a problem. Also no idea if they even have walk-ons this year.
  • NO BOOT CAMP: Sorry.. I can't stress this enough how happy that makes me.. I know there are fans of it.. but they are a part of the small 0.1% that tuned in on G4.. sorry but that's not enough people to justify it. They already have something like that.. it's called Survivor. NBC should stick to an obstacle course.
  • FINALS OF ANW - for ONCE I can say that they are not commandeering someone else's tournament. The last 3 times they kept saying it was the finals of ANW when it was actually the Sasuke tournament sans the Japanese even though they were all a part of the same tournament. Seems that there will be a legit final in the USA comprised of 100 finalists of each of the 6 regions. It will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • PRIZE MONEY FOR ANW - I have zero issues with the money. Why? Because all 100 competitors in the ANW final have equal access to it. If they pass all 4 stages plus their prelims they get $500k in cash. Unlike the past where the winner of Sasuke was denied the ANW prize money for winning the EXACT SAME TOURNAMENT just because he was Japanese and not American. I can't argue with this current incarnation of the prize money since everyone has equal access to it. I approve of this :) No word if ANW 4 will have a different sponsor though. All 3 of the previous ANW's had different sponsors.
  • TBS INVOLVEMENT: Unlike in the past where they just sent a camera crew seems they will be a lot more involved in how they do this Final. First of all it's 4 stages just like Sasuke. Second, TBS has done an obstacle course for another country - Sasuke Malaysia and upcoming Sasuke Malaysia 2 (May, 2012) is built by TBS. It's not confirmed but it seems TBS is more involved with the building of at the very least the final. in Vegas At least that is what I'm gathering on how they worded the announcement.
No word on whether this is going to be shown in full as a series on NBC or if the prelims only will be on G4 and finals only on NBC. No word also as to WHEN everything will be taped and broadcast on American television. Only time will tell. Also no word if any of these stages are open to the public to watch as spectators as previous ANW prelims have been. I definitely would be interested in seeing the final live but that would a) most likely be a closed set and b) I'm not famous to be invited to go watch for blog purposes. I just don't have the money to travel. /sigh.. a 4 stage course built by TBS.. yeah.. I'd like to see that :)

EDIT: Brian mentioned in the comments section about airdate timeframe:

The following article mentions that the airing will take place this summer, and that "Weekly episodes will air on NBC and G4".

Now.. one thing you might have noticed.. no word on Sasuke 28. THAT is it's own question. Now.. if you remember what I wrote the last time about the subject, I'm cautiously optimistic that there will be a Sasuke 28 in the future.. just not near future for now. Nothing is stopping G4 from sending top competitors from ANW4 to Japan in the future, but for right now this is what they can come up with while we all wait to hear the fate of our beloved show.

Edit: More details in next blog

FREEing ex:ride American Bike

As seen previously in figma Racing Miku review, here is FREEing's ex:ride American bike.

I wanted to get a black one for my figma Black Rock Shooter originally, but could only find a gold one as other colours were sold out when I wanted to look for one. ^^;

The FREEing's ex:ride is a series of transportation accessories that mainly complements Max Factory's figma action figure line. However other 1/12 scale figures will go well with them too.

This is the 7th of the line - the American bike. Three colours are available: gold, red, and black.

There is not much stuff that comes in the box - just the bike and the stand (as well as a decal sheet).

4 views of the bike with the bike stand on the rear wheel. This is a cruiser, where some of its distinctive features include foot pedals at the front and the handles pretty high up compared to other types of motorbikes.

The handle can be raised or lowered, as well as rotated upwards or downwards to suit the rider's height

A kickstand can be swiveled out so that the bike can stand on its own

Racing Miku posing for the bike

figma BRS with Rock Cannon. I personally think that she suits well with the appearance as a biker. The coat of her kind of gets in the way, so she can't sit too comfortably unfortunately.

Pass the finish line!

There is a hole at the bottom of the bike for you to plug a figma stand on it...

... So you can pull off a wheelie or any other fancy things with it

There is a sheet of water transfer decals for you to decorate the bike with. The most ideal place to stick them would be on the white spot on either sides of the bike.

For 1900 Yen, this is not bad for a big accessory to give to a figma or other similarly scaled action figures, such as Revoltechs. Some parts like handles and pedals are a bit fragile and may break if handled carelessly.

And last but not least, one extra picture to conclude the post:


White Luna Theme Windows 7 Seven Download

White Luna Theme for Windows 7 | Size – 9.5 MB

Luna is beautiful White theme for Windows 7. This theme is designed by - minhtrimatrix.
Some Special Features of Luna Theme are 
- GlassView
- 1/2 Glass at Jumplist
- Addressbar with Scales Style
- Caption Button with Bricks Style
- Viewmore with Corbel font
- And many changes you can see at the Screenshot

Tools included in Luna Theme are – Uxthemepatcher, Take Ownership and System Files.

Download White Luna Theme Windows 7 Seven

Windows Live Final Theme Windows 7 Seven Download

Windows Live Theme for Windows 7 | Size – 24 MB

Windows Live is theme for windows 7 in three different colors i.e Blue (default), Red and Green. Windows live theme is designed by – NathanielHawk.

This pack contains –
-> Wallpapers
-> Visual Style in 3 colors
-> Shell32.dll
-> New Start Orb

Download Windows Live Final Theme Windows 7 Seven

Auxo Summer Theme Windows 7 Seven Download

Auxo Summer Theme For Windows 7 | Size – 1.6 MB
Auxo is fresh and attractive theme to be uses this summer for windows 7. This Auxo theme is designed by - dvkndn.

About Auxo Summer Theme -
A new color skin for this summer. Auxo comes with mac style and new design.
Change your taskbar completely to a cool dock with full features of window’s 7 taskbar.
Final version release in september with more apps skins such as CAD etc

Auxo Theme is included with -
- Wallpapers
- Visual Style
- Start ORB
- Explorer Frame

Download Auxo Summer Theme Windows 7 Seven

Gaia 10 Theme Windows 7 Seven Download

Windows 7 2010 – Gaia Theme | Size – 6.5 MB

Gaia10 is very fine theme for Windows 7 2010. This theme is designed by - neiio.
This Windows 7 Theme include -
- Gaia Visual Style (Transparent, White and Friendly)
- Font for the theme
- System files for x64 and x86 windows
- Readme Install Instruction File

Download Gaia 10 Theme Windows 7 Seven

Summer 2011 Theme Windows 7 Seven Download

Daffodil – Summer 2011 Windows 7 Theme | Size – 7.4 MB
Daffodil is a cool theme for summers. This theme is designed by dvkndn for Windows 7. 

Install Instructions are given in the download.

Download Summer 2011 Theme Windows 7 Seven

Windows Seven Aero 3 Ultimate Theme Windows XP Download

Windows Seven Aero 3 Ultimate XP Theme | OS – Windows XP Size – 60 MB
This is one of  the most beautiful Windows 7 Theme for XP. This theme s designed by – Gutuu.

This 7  XP Theme includes –

    √ Aero 32pix
    √ Aero 48pix
    √ Aero with icons in start menu
    √ White 32pix
    √ White 48pix
    √ White with icons in start menu

Color Schemes
    Each theme contain 8 color schemes:

    √ Aero
    √ Blue
    √ Teal
    √ Frost
    √ Graphite
    √ Orange
    √ Red
    √ Green

Other Files

    √ Windows 7 RTM Wallpaper Pack
    √ ViGlance
    √ Styler Toolbar Skin
    √ Read-me

Download Windows Seven Aero 3 Ultimate Theme Windows XP