Gundam AGE not doing well in Japan?

Mobile Suit: Gundam AGE has been unpopular with Gundam franchise fan ever since its annoucement. Now that it has been aired for 5 episodes, it appears that that its unpopularity is proving itself with Gunplas not selling out well.

(What to do with this?! Hino-san (director of Gundam AGE)!)
Gundam Age [plastic models] throwaway sale

HG Gafran is going for 777 Yen (retail price is 1200 Yen exlcuding tax)

Both pictures appears to be taken from the same hobby shop.

299 Yen for a model kit is quite something, though it does not imply which ones are getting such "discounts" ^^; For a Gundam TV series that is now airing and its merchandise to fall in prices drastically like so, this is pretty shocking even for a series that is unpopular. I remember Gundam SEED Frame Astray was doing pretty bad too as I have managed to buy HG 1/144 Leon's Arms Astray PMC Custom for 500 Yen only in Akihabara (HG 1/144 Alec's Kerberos BuCUE Hound was selling for the same price too), but that was for a manga side story. Later that summer Ngee Khiong also blogged about other SEED Destiny Gunpla in some shops were going from 500 Yen upwards too.

On the other hand, the view rate in Japan is not doing spectacular either, with an overall rate hitting 2.5% for all ages by episode 3. Ironically despite the series' main audience is targeted to be children, there are very few children who are actually watching it, in fact even fewer than adults. Apart from Gundam SEED, SEED Destiny, and 00 statistics available for comparison above AGE, the other two series being compared at the bottom are Kamen Rider Fourze and Danbouru Senki, of which both are airing at the moment and have children view rate in two-digit percentage.

Most people I know who are watching Gundam AGE are just watching it to see how bad it can really get. I am watching it because it's a Gundam series. While initial observations show that overall reception is leaning on the negative, it's perhaps still a bit too early to start judging it (which is a tempting thing to do). I originally put some thoughts in this post, but after a bit of retrospective look I decided to take them back. Who knows, this series might get epic later on? Well I will leave them as it is here.

Well, at least Yurin is a character many viewers have taking a liking of, and some even calling her Yamada due to her similar appearance to the said character in Working!!. At least there are some gems that makes people to look forward to the future episodes ^^

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