Pretty planes soaring in the sky

Su-47 Berkut

Hope you don't mind jumping topics a bit too much ^^;

It's less than 2 weeks before the release of Ace Combat: Assault Horizon on both PS3 and XBOX 360. Those planes in the screenshots really look do look pretty though, which makes me dazzled and stare at them like girls.

F-15C Eagle

Rafale M

MiG-29 "Fulcrum"

F-22 Raptor

Su-34 "Fullback" with MiG-29 in the background



Inside the cockpit of Su-33

Skins of protagonist planes from previous games will be available too. For example Cipher's F-15C from Ace Combat Zero.

Ace Combat 5's Razgriz theme black F-14D Super Tomcat with Palm Jumeirah in the background

Su-37, the plane that made famous in Ace Combat 04 with an ace squadron serving as a recurring enemy throughout the game. Too bad it's a DLC (seriously DLCs are announced even before the game is released?! The same applies for the map Tokyo in the background which will also be a DLC for multiplayer...)

Tornado GR4. Another DLC

Winner of the skin design contest for F-15C "Death Rider" is also available as DLC, but this is free to download which is a good thing.

Fighter aircrafts are like the new girls for me today (wait what?). Photobucket

But on a serious note, graphics really have come through a long way. Just look at this image from Ace Combat 2 that I have taken earlier this month, which was released way back in 1997.

Pretty planes are pretty, but let's hope that the game is good though. It has a lot to live up with the previous games in the series. Demo is available for download, and it seems a little scripted to me. I just hope that the new Close Range Assault is not a necessity to play through the majority of the game, but the final release may be against my wish. Well we shall see :o


Jesta WIP 1

As part of the Jesta group build I am participating, here is a WIP post for the 3 Jestas I have bought nearly two weeks ago.

Beam carbines - piece of cake

Though it's a bit weird that these beam carbines are longer than most GM beam rifles, as technically carbines are supposed to be shortened versions of a rifle (of the same kind).

The heads. The original lighter blue on the helms look a bit too odd to me, so I have wanted to change the colour to something else. After a lot of thoughts I've simply decided to colour it black along with the antenna unit on the left hand side of the head. The black colour will need several layers to go over when I am confident with the overall colour layout.

The upper torso. I've coloured the edges of the chest vent to silver rather than the original light blue. This will apply to the vents on the legs and side skirts as well.

The shields have been coloured black on the bottom half, with the shield missiles coloured red. The red colour of the missiles is to be consistent with the missile colours of normal Jegan's shield missiles and Stark Jegan's anti-ship missiles mounted on shoulder.

And finally a quick bust comparison of GM III and Jesta.

Arms, legs, and lower torso have yet to be made, but hopefully I can get them done during the weekend.

That's it for the time being. This is most likely the only WIP post I would do and have a review post of some sort (like the one for the Dreissens) to roll out after the weekend.

So excited for Sasuke 27

With less than a week to go Ube's doing a great job in confirming who is a part of this event. For a list of confirmed participants go to Lost in Ube's blog. Given how late it took for TBS and/or Monster 9 to actually update their pages with the air-date of an event that happened almost 3 months ago.. I haven't had a chance to create my So excited page like I normally do. Chiyo-chan is going to have to wait to do her dance for another time. In the meantime air-date information for both Navi and Sasuke 27 tournament can always be found on that page.


Sasuke 27 (NAVI) (via TBS Daily schedule)
SASUKE2011秋ナビ (Fall Navi)
Sunday, October 2, 2011
16:00 JST - 16:54 (4 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)

3 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (SUNDAY Morning)
12 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (SUNDAY Morning or midnight from Saturday night)

Additional Time conversion



Sasuke 27 (Fall/Autumn) (via Sasuke Mania Announcement)
Monday, October 3, 2011
19:00 JST - 22:48 (7 PM local time in Japan)
Station: TBS (Japan)

6 AM (Eastern Standard Time) (MONDAY Morning)
3 AM (Pacific Standard Time) (MONDAY Morning)

Additional time conversion


SASUKE 第27回大会【SASUKE2011 秋】の放送日が決定いたしました。

19時00分~22時48分 TBS系列

Oh.. P.S. Don't ask me for more time conversions.. or technical questions as to where and how you can see it.. Check SMF.. ya'll can research for that yourself :p

P.S. I've decided with Sasuke 27 coming around the corner so quickly I don't want to burn myself out doing another blog.. so for those waiting for a blog update for the Sumo Special.. it won't be incoming. Yamada didn't pass stage one but did manage to get Sasuke to trend on twitter .. so hopefully that brought back viewers for Monday's broadcast. Only time will tell. Lord knows TBS has done absolutely nothing to promote Sasuke.. even Monster 9 hasn't even updated their own official website with the EXISTENCE of the tournament..

Edit: Added a fantastic article on Sasuke 27 by the Japan Times. According to the Article G4 won't air Ninja Warrior (sans Americans btw) until March, 2012.

Me and watching anime

Image of 08th MS Team anime footage from one of my older posts

Despite that this blog talks a lot about toys and now and then news on anime or merchandise annoucements, I rarely talk about the anime themselves, or rather in this post, about me watching them in the first place.

I do watch anime, but not as much as I used to (around 5 years ago I think). Real life keeps me busy along with expanding hobbies (figures, Gunpla, games), and perhaps not knowing what series would suit me are what keeps me from watching more actively.

Blogger and artist Radiant Dreamer's mascot Melody, image taken from his blog

Though what has been keeping me at bay the most is probably the last one - not knowing what series will be something that I would like to watch. So far I have mostly stayed with the "safe" choices, like Gundam metaseries and perhaps what's popular out there and go with the flow, abeit I usually tend to avoid comedy or fluff series since they are not my cup of tea. If it's a series that may tickle my interest but not enough for me to start and follow it, then I'd wait until it's finished and listen to the feedback, though I often have the tendency to leave it n my backlog and procrastinate. And the anxiety of that what I anticipate may end up with a sour taste and make me wished I'd have used the time to watch something else (it makes me imagining myself stepping on an unknown ground that might be a potential treasure or a landmine). The observation with apparent increasing amount of fanservice has also put me off a bit, which I can see why there are a group of fans who yearn for the older series in the past decade or two, and don't like the changes that take lead nowadays, but that would be another topic to discuss on another day.

With Steins;Gate having just finished very recently and lots of people fanboying over Kurisu (aka Christina) or Mayuri (aka "Tutturu", a pet phrase that she often goes by), I thought I would give this a try while overhearing the deeper and darker parts of the plot (it's far too easy to get spoilers even while staying out of forums due to the availability of social network). And while I won't talk about how it is since reviewing anime is not something I am good at and I am not much of a thinker on this department, I can say that it has been a while since there has been a series that has put me to a natural smile at the end after watching it, perhaps since Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood has ended last year.

With a list of anime series announced for the coming Autumn season (or Fall if you prefer American English), I must say that it has been the first time since I have wanted to watch and follow more than 2 series at once. Yes I know a lot of people watch much more than me at once, but for me it's a first. While Fate/Zero and Shakugan no Shana III (read "Final") are in the list for the sake of completing what I have watched in previous series, the seemingly radical Gundam AGE and the reboot of Hunter x Hunter are also in my list, with the latter whose its original manga being the only long running manga series I still follow even now.

Then tonight out of the blue my sister asks me to start watching Dancouga Nova with her. A bit of a random thing, but since this is just a 12-episode series I guess it won't hurt to give it a shot. Besides super robot is not a genre that I have much experience on.

It's a bit of a random post, but let's say that this serves as a prologue of some sort for one of my other anime-related post - to be more precise the "My History with Anime", which is a project that Nopy has started some time ago. Hopefully with the Autumn season coming soon with a few series that I do plan to watch, this will give me a bit more motivation to finish up the post.

If you are really inquisitive on what I have watched so far you can always have a look at my anime list.

What is your view on recent anime? Do share out your thoughts!

Katsumi Yamada does SUMO!

Needless to say I got the shock of my life this afternoon when I went to do my normal Sasuke news related searches since we are 2 weeks from the Sasuke 27 official TBS airing in Japan... I kept coming up with people joking about how Yamada was going to get his ass handed to him next week in sumo.. but they didn't have any details.. then with more research I kept seeing this celebrity sumo tourney that had a few people I recognized.. including Yamada.. Even full blogs dedicated to it in great detail.

Celebrity qualifying for the Sumo tournament!

I recognized a few faces. Right off the bat from the left I recognize Bobby Ologun ボビー・オロゴン, next to him is Sasuke All-Star Katsumi Yamada 山田勝己 (Mr. Sasuke). Skip 2 people more and you see Toshiaki Kasuga 春日 俊彰 from the Comedy duo Audrey オードリー then on the far right is Dante ダンテ from Sasuke 21.

Sunday, September 25 at 19:00 JST!
19:00 - 20:54 (just under 2 hours)

For those who are planning to watch this it's next weekend. That's 7 pm local time in Japan so that's 6 am Sunday morning in the East coast and 3 am for those living in the West Coast . I'll see how the tourney goes before I figure out what I will blog about it :p According to the picture.. the main event is the big bracket on the left that you see and the little one on the right is the celebrity portion where Yamada and the rest of the celebs are to try to get into the main draw.

Full bracket - Yamada is on the bottom left of the picture 2nd from the right.

There were several articles written about this. This one went into extreme detail about the tournament filled with all the matchups and names. I was a bit surprised honestly since I never even knew this existed. Seems they had another one before where Kinnikun participated in but lost in his first match in qualifying.

Yamada on the far left getting ready for his match

On one of the TBS pages it also mentions that the announcer for this is none other than Veteran announcer Keisuke Hatsuta 初田 啓介 whom we know from Sasuke and also Sportsman #1. Nico news pretty much said the same thing plus reiterated the lineup. I'm sure in the next week I'll see more news on it.. mostly stuff repeated so I'll just wait until next week to see the matches.

Bobby in the red getting ready to face Dante

What I'm hoping for is for TBS to finally start running Sasuke 27 commercials. It's painful watching show horrible a job they are doing in promoting this show.. I mean seriously.. this sumo show there were dozens of articles but Sasuke.. nothing... /sigh.. I hope they have the presence of mind to air a commercial during this.. I mean seriously it would be a week away at that point.

Anyway.. for those who are curious how this is going to go.. I found a Youtube video of the earlier one that happened this year.

Jesta, Jesta, Jesta

Bought 3 boxes of HGUC 1/144 Jesta today, which have been officially released two days ago. Fell in love with the design of these guys as soon as I first saw them, and I am pretty glad that the 1/144 gunpla kits are announced to be released much earlier than I have anticipated.

I will be taking part in the Jesta group build hosted by BMecha. I have never taken part in such event before, but this might be interesting to participate. I just hope that I won't feel too overwhelmed by others' high quality builds or creative mods out there ^^;

As for the 9 GM IIIs that I have bought earlier. The progress has been halted for now due to missing and damaged parts in (which I have only discovered while I was building them), and I am now waiting for replacement parts to come in. I haven't done much gunpla modelling recently, so it's time to brush up and get back into it after months of Ace Combat series (as mentioned in my recent post) ^^;

The Variations of Saber

Maybe the title for the post should have been "The Variations of Saber as of now"? ^^; Saber, Saber Alter, Saber Lily, and now there are more. Saber of Fate/Stay Night is known to have variations even from the beginning, but it looks like that we are getting more of her as the franchise expands.

The "default" Saber that most people are familiar with from Fate/Stay Night and other Fate games, whose identity is based on King Arthur. She is one of the main leads in the game, along with her master and male protagonist Emiya Shirou.

Saber from prequel Fate/Zero is the same Saber from the original game, but serving under a different master Emiya Kiritsugu (Emiya Shirou's father) and is sometimes seen wearing a black suit like in the scanned picture above.

Saber Alter is a dark variant from one of the branching arcs in the original game, where she has been consumed by darkness and is serving under a new master.

Saber Lily is an alternate costume of Saber featured in PS2 and PSP game Fate/unlimited Code. This gives Saber more of a feminine look compared to the original attire. Having first released as a figma action figure bundled with limited edition of the PS2 game, and later followed by static PVC figures and even a doll, this design has been very popular since its emergence despite having no storyline attached to it.

Saber Extra is a playable character from the PSP game Fate/Extra. She is a different character to the original one with different origin. I still find the partially transparent skirt of hers a bit strange. The sword, the Aestus Estus, does look pretty cool though. There is apparently another Saber in the game, but this one is a guy and is an antagonist in the game.

Saber Bride is the latest variation of Saber set to appear in upcoming Fate/Extra CCC game. A figma figure is being planned to go with the game, just like Saber Lily and Saber Extra.

We are getting more and more Saber variations, and it looks as if we are getting a new one every year. I worry whether we will start or have already felt that there are a bit too many out there, as if they are there for the sake of merchandising. Or maybe I am thinking too much there?

The number of variations for Saber so far starts to remind me of those for Black★Rock Shooter. We have that based on the original design, then followed by the game version (and that of a white version but as a separate character), as well as a Beast version. With a new TV series announced, we will very likely have a different version of her for it as well. Though what has been involved with BRS is a bit more "extreme" than Saber is having IMHO.

How do you feel about these new variations of the same character? Is it a good thing and a change of things for you, or that you find it tiring and that it's persuading people to spend more on the franchise?

Recent purchase: Ace Combat

Just acquired the first three Ace Combat games from Yahoo! Auction Hong Kong today. They're second hand, but are still in pretty good shape. It's good to go retro now and then.

I've been playing the Ace Combat series this summer - pretty much since the PlayStation Network outage occured. These are no simulation game, but it's a great feeling to soar the sky and shoot the enemies out of it. Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War was the first game I've started, and fell really involved in it and bought the other games (04 and 5) shortly afterwards.

A test play on Ace Combat 2 just to be sure that the games are authentic and are still in good shape on my PS2:
Lock on!


Mission Accomplished! Hurrah to the retro PS1 graphics!

Sometimes I do feel nostalgic and longed for the old stuff like this. No wonder looks of people frown on the current games and anime these days and say how the stuff were better in the past.