Sasuke 27 possible airdate

SMF Favorite Ryan Stratis during Sasuke 27 ©Screenshot from ANW3

As I mentioned in a previous blog.. ANW 3 aired last night on NBC. We'll see what the ratings are tomorrow afternoon (edit: Last in ratings for the networks.. ). I won't be blogging about the broadcast I'm waiting to blog the entire broadcast when it finally airs on TBS in Japan. I didn't do it in Sasuke 23 or Sasuke 26.. so I won't be doing it in Sasuke 27. :p

Oh.. someone likes Sim Sasuke.. so much so they stole obstacles from it.. LOL!! Supersheep! Demand royalties! LOL ©screenshot from ANW3

Speaking of it seems that the possible airdate for Sasuke 27 is Monday, October 3, 2011 at 7 PM JST. Mental note that this is a rumored date and is not official until TBS officially announces it on their page. So far this is the probable date so at least we have a heads up that we have more than a month wait.. again.. for Sasuke 27.

UCH is back! ©Screenshot from ANW3

Once we get a final official airdate I'll update the page with the full information which usually includes a list of probable competitors, etc. It's going to be a looooooooooong wait for the FULL tournament Sasuke 27.. especially with 10 results already aired and circling the globe as we speak /facepalm