Sasuke 27 officially announced

Edited: May 18 - Malaysia participation confirmed.

Sasuke 27 announcement ©Muscle Park

As was expected (I figured after the Maguro Festival they would mention something online).. for a while now actually (seems we have been discussing this for over a month now on the boards).. we finally got word about Sasuke 27. Thanks to the tireless work of Lost in Ube we have dates!

Official Japanese announcement on Sasukemania:
(also reprinted on the Muscle Park site)

本選 2011年7月予定
予選 2011年6月予定
氏名・年齢・職業・連絡先・住所・スポーツ歴・出場への意気込みをご記入のうえ 「写真」もしくは「VTR」などを必ず同封して下記あて先までお送りください。  
〒107-0061  東京都港区北青山3-11-7 Ao 13F  
(株)モンスター・ナイン  「SASUKE」出場者募集係まで

(Google Translation):
SASUKE all the fans, very much Thank you for waiting.
With the 27th SASUKE competition will be held.
June 2011 qualifiers will be scheduled in July 2011 Finals
We look forward to many applicants.
Please apply without hesitation!

I omitted the last part about the application since they still have the "Foreigner clause". Btw.. here it is: Sasuke Mania Site on the Entries. - written in English - all the way at the end of the message:

To those who want to participate in SASUKE iving outside Japan
If you request to participate in SASUKE, please contact your local broadcasting station for details.
We cannot accept applications directly.
Thank you for your cooperation.

I may be incorrect.. but this has to be the first time Monster 9 has actually PRINTED a time-frame for both Sasuke Trials (Japan) AND the taping date! Right now there is no official airdate since we are 2 months out from taping. (always note with dates that far in advance - especially since this is taping - these are subject to change) When we find out I'll post it here.

Entries so far:

  • Maguro Festival - It is rumored that this event produced 1 winner going to Sasuke. It is not yet confirmed.
  • Sasuke Trials - To be held in June (per this announcement).
United States has 11 spots.
  • 1 from an online auction {18+ year old US citizens only} (note that they still have to pay to get to Japan.. they are just only buying a spot)
  • 10 from American Ninja Warrior 3 (Taping starting next week in Venice Beach, California)
Malaysia - Has 1 spot
  • Trials will be held May 27 and 28 for one spot on Sasuke.
For those questioning what ever happened to the cancellation we are still waiting to find out. The article back in January stated that 27 was the last one. We just have to wait and see what happens. I'm hoping 27 has huge ratings so that it makes their decision to cancel a moot point. But only time will tell.

Good luck to all competitors in Sasuke 27!
Do your best! Ganbatte! がんばって!

Ganbatte - Do your best! Ganbatte - Good luck! ©Wired in Japan