Article mentioning Sasuke cancellation

Edit: 2/15/11 - News from Takasui.

A rare sight.. All 6 All-Stars in one place at one time


"Sekiguti Hiroshi Tokyo Friend Park II " Following the termination of the special program started in sports and entertainment 1997 "SASUKE" has to end in March this year

Article from InfoSeek Woman (楽天 Woman)

Thanks to Andy in Taiwan for finding an article that was quite the buzz in Japan today. When I went to research it .. there was a LOT of chatter in every forum imaginable as to the validity of the article.. specifically the source. We do know that one of the shows mentioned in the article IS CONFIRMED to be canceled. That's Tokyo Friend Park. But at this moment outside of this article there is no other confirmation as to whether the line that says "Sasuke will end in March" is actually true. So for now there will be a question mark but not unsurprising. We've been anticipating the death of Sasuke in Japan for a while now. As I get more information I'll post it.

Edit: Lost in Ube posted an article on this as well with more insight.
Edit: Since the article was posted (and subsequently reprinted more than a couple dozen times..) the article has been proven to be 95% verifiable. At this point the only thing we can't verify is the part about Sasuke. Everything else has been verified by TBS in either other printed articles or even on the TBS website itself. It seems the information leaked about Sasuke was done on purpose. I am of the distinct belief it was done on purpose to gauge the level of interest in Sasuke so that they can make a final determination on the show. M9 and TBS' silence only helps solidify my belief in that. Especially since they took the time to verify all the other parts of the article.

Edit: 2/15/11 - I didn't get a confirmation from TBS or M9 but I did hear from Takasui. Nagano was asked today about the rumor and he thinks it's just that right now. He has not been notified about the end of Sasuke. Right now 27 is not scheduled but the rumors persisting about Sasuke ending seem to be just that.. Rumors. That's good news :D Nagano would be the first person told if it was done and he hasn't been told jack about it. I feel much better this morning :D